Room mate

you know, when you move in with someone  you’ve never lived with before its quite an odd and confusing period.  You think if you are friends with this person it should be fun and no problem what so ever, but i did not take into account there is a great difference between seeing each other every so often to living with each other. You begin to notice that up until this point in their lives they haven’t had to worry about a single chore around the house, that their parents have almost crippled them in a sense.  When walking by the laundry room me shouting out to him was the only thing that stopped him from bleaching his entire load of colored cloths was needed, you know that they really just haven’t been show the “how too’s” of self sustaining one’s self.  But i feel like we have grow from each other and i have helped him learn a lot about self sufficiency.  Learning one another s personal space and respecting each others wishes.  It was really tough and frustrating at first but it has gotten better wile time has passed us by.


~Gavin Fair

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