How to Procrastinate

It is very easy for someone to procrastinate and not even be aware of it. Like me and doing these blogs, I ment to do one every week but instead I found something else to do. For instance, I was sitting on my bed and I got on D2L to look up the information to get to this website when I got on I spent forever looking at the memes then I started to do other homework. The next week I was sitting at my desk when my friend walked in and said, “Hey, lets get on DC universe!” I said that I could play for about thirty minutes then I was going to get back to writing these blogs. After many hours of playing DC universe, we went and got something to eat and went to bed. Basically anything that is not pertaining to the task at hand.

List of things that are anything to do other than the task at hand

1. DC universe online

2. Magic the Gathering

3. Yugioh Trading Card Game

4. Facebook

5. Eating

6. Take a nap

7. Stare at a wall

8. Bounce a basketball

9. Talk to someone about how to make a blog about procrastinating

10. Etcetera

11. Type out etcetera instead of etc.

12. The last minute before the task is due, do it!!

If you follow these simple steps then you will successfully procrastinate in life.

Graham Holtcamp


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