What is frutration? I believe it is a emotion that the body uses when there is a person or situation that is messing with your other emotions. For instance, when you have neighbor that lives right beside you in your dorm and you can hear him and his girlfriend yelling at each other at three o’clock in the morning it really gets on my nerves and starts to piss me off. It is very frutrating when you are trying to sleep and you hear that. Then he comes and tries to hang out with me and a few friends and he is so loud and annoying. He makes these little screeching sounds and he always thinks that he can sing whatever he wants whenever he wants. He walks around without his shirt all the freaking time and he always wears the same pajama pants everyday. He talks about his sex life and I do not know about anyone else but I really do not want to know about his sex life or how many times they have sex a week or what postions that they use. He will argue with you for hours about nothing. If you try to explain anything to him he will interrupt you before you can get your though across and will bring up different topics that have nothing to do with the topic he is asking about. Him and girlfriend are always touching eachother in wierd places and talking in a weird voices. He can make a funny joke turn bad and will keep repeating it over the course of a semester. He takes his girlfriend into our bathroom and everyone in the hall does not want to see that. Whenever he asks a question he does not just come out with the question he will always say the phrase “Quick question” and after he does it so many times it will frustrate you to where you try to lock him out of the rooms that you are hanging out in because you do not want him in there. He will sit outside that door for hours at a time so when you open the door to go get something to eat or go use the bathroom he will weasel is way into the room. When you finally try to play some type of game with him if you are beating him he will quit in the middle of the game or just make it where its not fun anymore.


Graham Holtcamp

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