Hitch Hikers

The other day, while i was looking for a spot to fish along the nolichucky river, i ran into some hikers on the appalachian trail wanting a ride into town. I’ve always wanted to hike the AT, so i couldnt refuse an oppurtunity to get some real information about it. There were 3 guys and one girl, all around 22 years of age. The only thing they were concerned about was getting beer! I mean these people were absolutely craving some brew. So, after they picked up some supplies at IGA, it was a straight shot to the gas station. Each of them purchased an 18 pack. I found it amusing. After an hour of conversing, trading stories, and taking pictures, i parted with the hikers. The experience was very inspiring. These people were truly happy, like they were exactly where they needed to be. I found out later that beer is actually very good for hikers because it contains a very large amount of carbs, which hikers need for the trail. After the encounter, I’m sure i’m going to hike it.

-Luke Hampton

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