Looking back.

I have somewhere around 18 days left of school, and as exciting as that sounds, i’m a little sad. I mean, ive spent the last 4+ years with most of these people and have made daily relationships that i will never forget. Yet we all must go our separate ways and get on to this fantasy “college life’ where all our problems are solved and questions answere because we are finally out of the ‘highschool chains.’ I have had as good of a highschool experience as any. I couldn’t of asked for better teachers or peers to help me along on the road. Yes, theres frustration and homework and and and… plenty of things to complain about. But all in all, school is a piece of cake, with ice cream. So before you say good riddins to your highschool memories, take a moment to reminisce and appreciate all of your accomplishments and friendships that have been made.

Levi Hampton.

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