Responsibilities of the Best Man

This weekend I attended a wedding of one of my bestfriends and I found out a few months ago that I would be the best man. I did not know all of the responsiblilities of a best man until I got to the church.

List of tasks that the best man are responsible for:

1. He has to write a speech and present to the married couple after the wedding

2. He has to hold the rings and the grooms vows (if they decided to write their own)

3. He has to pick up the groom and get him to the church at a specific time and make sure that everyone is ready in time for pictures

4. He has to plan a bachelor party

5. He has to keep the groom away so that he will not see the bride until the wedding

6. He is responsible for decorating the car

7. He has to give thank you letters that the bride and groom wrote to the preacher

8. He takes the grooms tux back the next day


Graham Holtcamp

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