Why Jobs Suck

If you ask someone, “What is the safest way to earn a living?” they will most likely say get a job. It is a miracle what social conditioning can do to people because that is the a horrible answer about how you should live. Just the word J.O.B. makes me cringe. I had my first real job at 15 and it didn’t take long for me to figure out it was dumb.

Time is Money
When you are working a job you are taking your only time that you are given and trading it for a limited amount of money. This is time you will never get back, and you are doing some repetitive task over and over. This is the time you could use to be with your family, travel, or learn new things. Also it is a fact that there is only 24 hours in a day, you can only trade so much of your time for money at your job, and you pay also tops out very low. So no matter what you do and how hard you work you will never get a significant increase in money. To put this in a few words, working a job is not a scale able source of income.

Where is all your money going? It is no doubt that the employees are the most taxed in the U.S. with an estimated half of their salary going to taxes; much of this is also disguised by employers paying some, some out of checks, and other ways. Plus profits go to the  owner and investors too.  All of this money is from the value that you have created as an employee, but then you only receive a fraction of it.

This is what smart people do. Never get a job! The value you create at a job can be put to work by you instead of being used by your boss.  Take the effort to create a business, website, or anything else you are good at, and provides value.  Make that idea run on autopilot as much as possible. Many websites making over $30,000 a month require only a few hours of work a week because instead of getting paid for your time; you are getting paid for the value you have created for your customer over and over. All that is required for you to do the same is put in the extra effort up front to start.  You could have wrote an article ten years ago and still profit today as thousands of visitors read it every day.

While getting a job may have a small down side it also has a very small upside. While a   business has a bigger downside, it also has an infinitely large upside.  There are common sense steps you can take to minimize your down side for a business also. In the famous words of Donald Trump, “YOU’RE FIRED.” These are the two or three words your boss can say at anytime ending your stream of income. While at a job you are screwed; but if this was your business and a customer said “NO,” you could just say, “NEXT” and wait for the next customer. In the event a business fails you could have set up several streams of income so that you are protected because if one goes away you have more to take over.

Bow Down
Having a job destroys your soul. If your boss is a jerk you can not just tell it to his face because you will get fired. Most people at jobs are constant complainers because the just deal with a problem instead of growing a spine and fixing it. When you work around these people all the time it rubs off on you also. And if you should need more money you must beg you boss like a puppy wanting a treat.

Not too Late
It is never too late to implement these ideas if you have already enslaved yourself into a job. Regain your freedom. Make the money you deserve. Live like you should. And tell your boss to Suck It.

If you do not have a job yet I strongly suggest you get started so you will never have to know what it is like.  I hope you enjoyed reading and remember to comment with any feedback.


~Austin Reed

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